Environment Management Policy

We recognise that our business has an important role to play in protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations and to help secure the long-term sustainability of the Textile Industry.” We provide a safe and healthful workplace and ensure that personnel are properly trained with the appropriate safety and emergency equipment. Providing all necessary supervision, training, instruction, equipment and information to employees and visitors to our workplaces.


To meet this end SEASONS TEXTILES LIMITED is committed to taking the following action..

  • To achieve sound environmental practices across our entire operation. To comply fully with all relevant legislation. To minimise our waste and reduce our water consumption where possible.
  • To reduce, Reuse, Recycle the resources consumed by our business wherever practical
  • To provide all employees with the training and resources required to meet our objectives.
  • To monitor and record our environmental impacts on a regular basis and compare our Performance with our policies, objectives and targets”

Major Steps to Achieve the Environmental Management Policy

Energy conservation

Objective - To reduce our Energy consumption

Action - We are continuously working on reducing the use of energy in the form of electricity. For that we had replaced all our existing old tube lights in loom shed area with LED tube lights which consume less electricity. There are 100 tubes in the loom shed , by converting one old t ube (40watt ) light to a LED (18watt) tube light we are saving 22 watt. Thus we are saving 50 units of electricity per day and 1300 units per month. In the off time we switch off our lights for an hour thus saving at least 120 units per day and 3125 units in a month.


According to survey, approx . 20% of carbon pollution is due to passenger cars, we are providing bus & car for commuting of our employees from residential area to plant, In this way we are reducing carbon emission to environment. We are also providing fire training program to our employee.


Objective - To reduce consumption of water

Action -We are collecting water from general use, RO purifier and AC drainage pipe into a well and that water is reused in gardening purposes .Rain water harvesting by collecting all rain water into a well and that is connected to the ground water which enhances the water level of earth.

Waste Management

Objective - Develop and improve operations and technologies to minimize waste and other pollution, minimize health and safety risks, and dispose of waste safely and responsibly.

Action -We time to time dispose off our waste to designated area provided by the government. We are promoting paperless working by utilising the technology software packages like Tally etc. We avoid usages of single use plastics . We use re-usable cutlery for taking lunch & tea refreshment, use re-usable water bottles for drinking water.